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Our perfumes contains a large percentage of natural fragrances .


  • Eaux de Parfum

    A new line of Six Eaux de Parfum from the marvelous epoca of art nouveau

  • Men Fragrances

    Did the first crossing of the Atlantic by Lindbergh inspire the creation of the Aéroplane Eau de toilette or did the wish for freedom and escape lead to the creation of Yachting ? Anyway, Detaille Eaux de toilette for men is full of sporting spirit and adventure, for lovers of rare moments.

  • Women Fragrances

    Perfume is the memory, the childhood or remembrance of those we met, loved and sometimes forgot. It is also a little of one’s hidden personality, both intimate, floating on the skin, and public, because it is offered to others.

  • Colognes

    Light waters designed to be tonic and to stimulate and increase the freshness of the morning shower. Eaux de cologne smells pure, fresh and light, and has a certain air of transparency about them. This eau de cologne can also be used instead of eau de toilette during the summer months.