Since the beginning, high quality and refined packaging have been assets in the development and the popularity of our brand. Just as for the products invented by Marcellin Berthelot, attention to quality has been present in all the creations that have enriched our vast range of products. Today, the main characteristics of our products are perfectly in line with the needs of our clients, as well as with cultural trends and ecological concerns. Our cosmetics, created at the turn of the century, are composed of natural elements. They are designed to have a long-lasting effect, while fully respecting all skin types. Do not expect to obtain miraculous or instant results since our products are characterized by a correct concentration of active principles whose aim is to maintain and restore skin balance. Today, modern women are conscious of the risks that they subject their skin to in attempting to obtain over-rapid results with products containing an excessively high concentration of active principles. They know that this concentration may seriously damage their skin and bring about premature and permanent aging. Our products are hypoallergenic and the Department of Dermatology at the Saint-Louis Hospital has been promoting, for about 90 years, the use of Detaille products.