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Huile Visage Peaux Fragiles

Nourishing and soothing massage oil

Huile Visage Peaux Fragiles, the ideal care for delicate skin.

A fragrant bouquet of rosemary, geranium, lavender, immortelle and neroli essential oils to soothe and repair reactive skin prone to redness.

Your skin regains comfort and radiance. 

Sensation of tightness, itching, redness...sensitive and fragile skins are in search of soothing and comfort.

The formula of Huile Visage Peaux Fragiles features a complex of essential oils known for their repairing virtues: lavender essential oil soothes and stimulates the epidermis, immortelle and neroli essential oils decongest it, and both rosemary and geranium oil tone and firm the skin.

Durably nourished and soothed, the skin regains comfort and suppleness.

Huile Visage Peaux Fragiles, the comforting care for reactive skin.

Preferably use in the evening, before your night cream, on clean and slightly damp skin.

Bottle 60ml. Contents 2 Fl. Oz

Application tips

Step 1: Put a few drops of Huile Visage Peaux Fragiles into the palm of your hand and warm it by rubbing the palms together.

Step 2 : Apply delicately by light pressure on perfectly clean and slightly damp face skin. Avoid eye contour area, and massage especially forehead, nose area and chin.

If necessary, remove excess material by applying a tissue on the face.

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