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A foothold in the Haute Parfumerie Française since 1905

More than 100 years of elegance, sophistication and « avant-garde ». The visionary spirit of the Countess of Presle never stopped inspiring the Maison Detaille since its creation in 1905.

Emblematic figure of the Parisian aristocracy during the extravagant Belle Epoque, the Countess of Presle captivates those around her, princes and princesses, writers, artists, but also politicians and scientists. Aesthete and artist, she married Charles Detaille, brother of the great French painter Edouard Detaille.
From her numerous travels to her socialite life, the singular elegance of the Countess of Presle is also reflected in her passion for motor sport. She was one of the first women to acquire and then drive an automobile. And it is precisely during those exciting rides outside that the Countess of Presle perceived the drying effects of the wind or dust on her skin.
She consequently called upon a famous friend from the scientific world, the French chemist Marcellin Berthelot, to develop THE treatment that would let her travel anytime while keeping her skin beautiful.


Birth of Maison Detaille


Birth of Maison Detaille

The Baume Automobile was born. The Countess of Presle was not long in presenting this new Baume Automobile and others « Préparations de Beauté » (treatments) to her close acquaintances from high society, during worldly salons she hosted at her place, 13 rue Caumartin in Paris. We are in 1905, the Maison Detaille is introduced to the world by the Countess of Presle who will constantly assert her modernist vision of beauty. A « Maison » steeped in Art and History, where the quality of the ingredients, the accurate formulation, and the aesthetic of the perfume bottles have always been part of the tradition of the Haute Parfumerie Française.


Maison Detaille Parisian Shop


The Maison Detaille Today

Timeless and consistent over time, the Maison Detaille is still offering the iconic Baume Automobile today : its moisturizing and protective biphasic formula keeps seducing women and men all around the world.

Boosted by a growing success, the Countess of Presle finally sets up the Maison Detaille at 10 rue Saint Lazare in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. From Sacha Guitry, to the princely family Thurn and Taxis, to the Indian princess of Kapurthala… the « Préparations de Beauté », from skincare to perfumes, seduce women and men of influence.
And it is still at this same address, that we continue to welcome our clients from all over the world. As if you were experiencing the Paris of the Belle Epoque for the time of your visit. Engraved perfumed glass bottles, order books from the beginning of the 20th century, antique wood trims and yesteryear wall mirrors, but also an original painting by Edouard Detaille… All that presented in a delicately perfumed atmosphere: an unforgettable immersive journey under the mischievous gaze of the Countess of Presle.
From the worldly salons hosted by the Countess of Presle to the Parisian boutique today, the Maison Detaille keeps on seducing women and men from all over the world, highly sensitive to the quality, appreciating beauty and timeless elegance of its "classics" of tomorrow.

Louis Pallier, owner of the Maison Detaille since 1990, aims to elevate and bring the brand to the next level. Guided by the olfactory memory and emotions of his childhood in North Africa and Polynesia, Louis Pallier has been committed to rekindle the Maison Detaille and to reveal year after year, its unique expertise as a creative perfume maker.
True precision work on the ingredients, formulas, textures but also on the brand’s aesthetic universe : still the same requirements and « avant garde » spirit inherited from the Countess of Presle.

The Maison Detaille is today more than ever writing the future of tradition. A decidedly modern approach that Louis Pallier instills in each and every original Préparations de Beauté, but especially in his more recent creations like the exquisite Eaux de Parfum.
From the selection of the finest « Haute Parfumerie » raw materials, to the refinement of the perfumes glass bottles and heavy metal caps, up to the elegance of the cases that unveil the Eaux de Parfum, Louis Pallier places the environment at the heart of his creations by choosing natural and recyclable elements. For the development of the olfactory creations of Maison Detaille, Louis Pallier partners with perfumers recognized for their expertise like Céline Ripert, Anne-Louise Gautier and Eric Fracapane, based in Grasse, the birthplace of the Haute Parfumerie Française.


A modern vision of préparation de beauté 


A modern vision of préparation de beauté

Directly inspired by art, with passion and respect for natural quality materials, Detaille creations are pure emotions, following the tradition of the Haute Parfumerie Française since 1905.

A fragrant collection that offers today Eaux de Toilette, Eaux de Parfum and Colognes to seduce both women and men, in search of rare and sophisticated moments. A luxury for oneself.

From the juice to the perfume bottle, the Maison Detaille expresses a classicism that is resolutely modern and definitely elegant: the signature of timeless chic, with a free and visionary spirit.


Detaille and the Bailli de Suffren Trophy

Discover the partnership based on shared values between the Maison Detaille and the Bailli de Suffren Trophy.