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Essentials Oils

The benefits of aromatherapy

Maison Detaille creates versatile essential oils that can be used on the face, body and hair. The formula ideally blends essential oils and plant oils that perfectly meets the skin and hair special needs. Those essential oils enable to drastically reduce stress and anxiety : they bring a relaxing and soothing effect, and help us regain well-being. This calming sensation produced by the application of essential oils is precisely what people are currently craving for.

Each and every essential oil has its own « super power » combined with exceptional olfactory notes : the ones from the Maison Detaille refer to high quality essential oils such as rose, jasmine, geranium, mint, lavender.

Blending those notes offer delicious moments of relaxation…a gift for both mind and body.

  • Huile Cheveu
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    Huile Cheveu


    Nourishing and stimulating massage oil

    A nourishing and repairing massage oil that acts like a hair mask. From lengths to tips, the essential oil complex softens, nourishes, protects and stimulates the scalp.

    Day after day, hair regain all their beauty and shine.

    An oil that can be used as a mask to treat, nourish and stimulate hair in depth, from hair roots to hair tips.

    A repairing formula composed of ylang ylang, cedar, rosemary, sage and pine essential oils.

    A complex known for its toning and purifying virtues as it improves and regulates sebum secretion.

    Hair regain softness, suppleness and shine

  • Huile Corps Tonique
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    Huile Corps Tonique


    Nourishing and toning massage oil

    Huile Corps Tonique, an immediate feeling of well-being.

    All the comfort of a nourishing oil combined with a bouquet of energising plants to regain firm and toned skin.

    A light, non-greasy and highly sensorial texture thanks to a formula composed of essential oils of rosemary, cinnamon, lavender, clove, mint and vetiver.

    Rosemary and mint essential oils, with their firming and toning virtues help to durably improve skin's elasticity.

    An energizing cocktail of vetiver and clove stimulates the epidermis.

    Treated in depth, skin is moisturized and softened.

  • Huile Silhouette
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    Huile Silhouette


    Nourishing and draining massage oil

    Huile Silhouette, a wonderful sensation of lightness thanks to a complex of essential oils that stimulates, drains and decongests skin tissues.

    Moisturized, nourished and firmed, the skin regains all its elasticity and the body, its beauty.

    Used in massage, this oil stimulates micro-circulation which helps to refine the silhouette and reduce the "orange peel skin" often linked to cellulite.

    A draining formula that combines diuretic properties of grapefruit and lemongrass essential oil with the lipolytic virtues of cedar essential oil.

    By restarting lymphatic circulation, laurel essential oil combined with mugwort and geranium oil help to regain smoother skin. Visible results with each application.

  • Huiles Jambes
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    Huiles Jambes


    Nourishing and decongestant massage oil

    Combining cypress, lavender, rosemary and rockrose essential oils, Huile Jambes is ideal for reducing sensation of heavy legs and regaining tone and lightness.

    A complex of stimulating plants that bring immediate well-being and comfort. A high-performance formula where essential oils of cypress and rosemary act synergistically to refresh, decongest and tone the legs, while stimulating blood circulation. An energizing duo combined with lavender and rockrose essential oils renowned for their soothing and regenerating properties.

    Tension and heaviness fade away upon application: legs regain tone and lightness.

With oils, the skin benefits from the effects of the essences of each plant.

In addition to their efficiency on skin, essential oils have a subtle smell and turn skin care into a moment of pleasure and relaxation. When well applied, oils will not leave a greasy feeling. To help the oil penetrate, it should be applied on slightly wet skin after a shower or bath. Massage the body from bottom to top towards the heart, to help the venous flow.