Skincare Traitements "Préparations de beauté" - Maison Detaille Paris

Skin Care

For more than a century, the Préparations de Beauté by the Maison Detaille combine sensoriality and « avant-garde » to meet essential needs of every skin types.

A skincare line including products for the face and the body,  developed to offer a double promise of simplicity and effectiveness.

The beauty ritual by the Maison Detaille is structured around iconic products, for a skin deeply moisturized and nourished. Treatments also provide long-lasting protection against dehydration.

Very refined and eco-friendly formulas, enriched with natural ingredients that blend high quality plant oils, essential oils and floral water for an action in perfect affinity with the skin, even the most sensitive.

  • Serum Eclat
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    Serum Eclat


    Applied every morning and/or evening, before day or night cream, the Serum Eclat acts in depth to keep the skin supple, moisturized and visibly more luminous. Day after day, the complexion reveals all its natural radiance.

  • Fluid day care Baume Automobile
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    Fluid day care Baume Automobile


    The Maison Detaille iconic « Préparations de Beauté » in an innovative fluid formula with a brand new nomadic packaging: the « airless » bottle. Your best skincare product at hand reach anytime, anywhere.

    Baume Automobile fluid is a light treatment to use before a day cream or as a make-up base. Fluid balm contents Gatuline® RC Bio Actif restructuring, moisturizing and smoothing, OSILIFT® BIO Anti-aging active smoothing and tensing, Hyaluronic acid moisturizer and nourishing cotton oil. Moisturized and smoothed, the skin regains radiance, freshness and firmness. It suits all skin types, even the most sensitive.

  • Silky moisturizing cream. Day cream
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    Silky moisturizing cream. Day cream


    All the benefits of the Crème aux Plantes in a fluid formula packed in an airless pump bottle  for a nomadic use.

    A sulky soft cream that envelops the skin with intense hydration,  from the first application. Softer, smoother, the skin is getting more elasticity every morning. A new youth for your skin.

  • Nourishing rich cream, night cream
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    Nourishing rich cream, night cream


    All the benefits of the Crème Nourrissante in a fluid formula packed in an airless pump bottle  for a nomadic use. A rich, delicate and smooth cream to deeply moisturize and nourish the skin. The cocooning night

  • Soap-free gentle cleansing foam Citrovinaigre
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    Soap-free gentle cleansing foam Citrovinaigre


    All the benefits of Citrovinaigre de Beauté in a soft and airy foam that gently cleanses and purifies the epidermis. The skin is fresh, clean and radiant, ideally prepared for the Detaille skin care ritual.

  • Softening hand care manudouce
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    Softening hand care manudouce


    Softening hand care

    A lotion that combines the moisturizing power of glycerine with the purifying action of mint and lemon essential oils. The ideal treatment for soft, fresh, radiant hands.

  • Softening tonic lotion Eau Douce
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    Softening tonic lotion Eau Douce


    Dry and sensitive skin

    A toning lotion of infinite softness that gives the skin an immediate sensation of freshness and suppleness. A cocktail of floral waters, for a fresh, soothed and luminous complexion. Delicate and fresh as morning dew, Eau Douce makes the beauty ritual a true moment of pleasure.

    The application of a toning lotion, after cleansing, is an essential step to prepare the skin and maximise the penetration and assimilation of active ingredients into skin. Eau Douce is a tender, alcohol-free lotion formulated with the most exquisite natural floral waters, Subtle notes for deep pleasure for the senses.

  • Refreshing Toning Lotion
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    Refreshing Toning Lotion


    An alcohol-free lotion with tonic freshness that instantly awakens the skin while protecting it from dehydration. The complexion is clean, radiant, the skin is supple and luminous.

    Every morning and evening, Eau Rafraîchissante is the perfect "radiance boost" instant, the prelude to Detaille skincare ritual. This alcohol-free toning lotion instantly moisturizes and energizes the skin, to maximize the action of next treatment steps.
    As soon as you apply Eau Rafraîchissante, you feel an immediate sensation of freshness that gives the skin a plumping and toning effect.

  • Rich body milk
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    Rich body milk


    A body lotion enriched with vegetal oils for intense hydration and nutrition.

    Non-greasy, it penetrates instantly to reveal a silky and delicately perfumed skin.

    Lait de Beauté, a daily caress for the body.

  • Soap-free gentle cleansing lotion Citrovinaigre de Beauté
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    Soap-free gentle cleansing lotion Citrovinaigre de Beauté


    Soap-free gentle cleansing lotion

    A foaming cleansing lotion formulated on an ultra-gentle, soap-free lemon wash base to maintain skin's balance and suppleness. The first beauty gesture to purify the skin and prepare it for the Detaille skincare ritual.

  • Natural traditional soaps
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    Natural traditional soaps


    The charm of traditional soap

    An elegant set of 3 pure vegetal soaps enriched with shea butter. A traditional perfume gesture based on 3 delicate olfactory stories: verbena, orange blossom and violet.

  • Gentle shampoo Shampoing Doux
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    Gentle shampoo Shampoing Doux


    A gentle shampoo, that suits all hair types, for regular use. Its herbal formula cleans, protects and rebalances the scalp.

    The hair is supple and deeply nourished.

    Pump-bottle 200ml