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Gentle shampoo Shampoing Doux

A gentle shampoo, that suits all hair types, for regular use. Its herbal formula cleans, protects and rebalances the scalp.

The hair is supple and deeply nourished.

Pump-bottle 200ml

Shampooing aux Plantes offers delicate cleansing while nourishing the hair in depth. Its gentle cleansing base enriched with natural ingredients suits all hair types, for frequent use. The scalp is purified thanks to a formula that prevents the appearance of dandruff. The hair is clean, softened and moisturized.

Pump-bottle 200 ml - 6,7 Fl.oz

Application tips 

Step 1. Take 3 squeezes of Shampooing aux Plantes. Apply the shampoo directly to wet hair and on 3 points : on the top of the head, on each side at the back of the ears and in the nape of the neck.

Step 2. Gently massage to spread shampoo all the way down to the lengths and ends.

Step 3. Rinse out all of the shampoo

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