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Huile Corps Tonique

Nourishing and toning massage oil

Huile Corps Tonique, an immediate feeling of well-being.

All the comfort of a nourishing oil combined with a bouquet of energising plants to regain firm and toned skin.

A light, non-greasy and highly sensorial texture thanks to a formula composed of essential oils of rosemary, cinnamon, lavender, clove, mint and vetiver.

Rosemary and mint essential oils, with their firming and toning virtues help to durably improve skin's elasticity.

An energizing cocktail of vetiver and clove stimulates the epidermis.

Treated in depth, skin is moisturized and softened.

Huile Corps Tonique, the pleasure of a satiny, firm and toned skin.

Durably nourished and toned, the body regains comfort and firmness.

Bottle 60ml.

Application tip 

Step 1: Put a few drops of Huile Corps Tonique into the palm of your hand and warm it by rubbing the palms together.

Step 2: On slightly damp skin, apply Huile Corps Tonique to the whole body or more specifically to the areas to be treated. Massage gently.

Step 3: After applying Huile Corps Tonique, having a cool shower will maximize its toning effect.

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