• Samples Women
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    Samples Women


    Assortment of samples des Eaux de Toilette Femme.
    You hesitate? Try the samples. Take you time and try each fragrance to chose the best for yourself.

  • Samples Men Fragrances
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    Samples Men Fragrances


    Samples Eaux de Toilette Homme. Take your time to discover all the men fragrances, with the 5 samples.

  • Samples Colognes
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    Samples Colognes


    Assortment of tree samples. You hesitate? Take your time. Try with the samples to chose the best fragrances for you.

  • copy of Samples Men Fragrances
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    copy of Samples Men Fragrances


    Assortment of samples Eaux de Parfums.
    Take your time to choose the best for you. 6 fragrances made by valuable and elegant raw materials. A unique olfactory signature, an unforgettable trail designed to seduce both women and men.

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