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Loose Powder, concealer light blue

Correcting loose powder

The authentic natural rice powder to gently correct and sublimate the complexion. A lightweight formula, like a cloud of powder for a very transparent result.

Poudre Libre Bleue, a universal correcting powder to restore radiance to dull complexions and reduce signs of fatigue. Translucent, this blue shade is invisible on application.

Poudre Libre Bleue, can be used before a pinkish  loose powder.

Poudre Libre, a genuine rice powder, natural and ultra-fine : a cloud of powder blows a gentle breath on the complexion. A beauty gesture that expresses an ultimate sophistication. 

The complexion is even, matte and radiant, powdered cheeks are smooth and velvety.

With lightweight pigments and sheer and luminous texture, Poudre Libre enables to achieve a flawless, radiant and perfect glow throughout the day.

Poudre Libre case, a cult object, nomadic and elegant, facilitates touch-up during the day.

Along with this impression of absolute comfort comes an exquisite fragrance trail featuring heliotrope flowers. An infinite pleasure for the senses, a magic effect.

The original Poudre Libre Detaille, your new essential accessory.

The promise of a perfect complexion, anytime, anywhere

15g. Content 0,5 Oz.

Application tips

Step 1: Collect powder using the Detaille puff or a powder brush.

Step 2 :  Apply the blue correcting powder all over the face or more specifically on dull areas and where you consider there is a lack of radiance. 

Step 3 : Apply your favorite Poudre Libre all over the face using the powder puff or a powder brush to even out the complexion, smooth skin texture and set make-up.

If you want to highlight your face, apply loose powder in small strokes to the forehead, nose, tip of the chin and top of checks

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