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  • Samples Women
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    Samples Women


    Assortment of samples woman Fragrances

  • Eau de Toilette 1905
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    Eau de Toilette 1905


    1905, the original fragrance of Maison Detaille, the timeless expression of grace and romanticism. A chypre floral where the delicacy of the perfumers' favourite flowers meets the power of woody and green accents.

    From the very first moments, the crunchy green notes of blackcurrant bud, galbanum and violet inspire pure spring freshness.

    The heart of the fragrance reveals all the intensity and grace of a floral bouquet composed with the most iconic flowers of the Haute Parfumerie Française: iris, rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang and orange blossom.

    A rich and powerful woody chypre trail where the creaminess of sandalwood is suffused with a subtle veil of vetiver and oak moss.

    1905, a classic signature scent reinterpreted by the Maison Detaille.

  • Samples Men Fragrances
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    Samples Men Fragrances


    Assortment of samples men Fragrances

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    Samples Colognes


    Assortment of Three samples

  • Eau de Toilette Aeroplane
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    Eau de Toilette Aeroplane


    Aeroplane, the powerful breath of a chypre citrus.

    A lively, fresh and tangy opening with lemon, bergamot, petitgrain getting even more stunning with the green and sparkling notes of mint, basil and fresh verbena.

    The heart is warmed by the voluptuous jasmine.

    A distinguished trail combining the sensuality of patchouli with the chypre notes of oak moss and vetiver, the most masculine scent in the tradition of the Haute Parfumerie Française. A first class fragrance.

  • Bi-phase day care Baume Automobile
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    Bi-phase day care Baume Automobile


    The iconic « Préparation de Beauté » of the Maison Detaille, imagined in 1905 by the Countess of Presle to protect her skin from external aggressions. The first anti-pollution treatment, best portrayal of Detaille visionary spirit, has remained unchanged until today.

    Baume Automobile is a non-oily bi-phase liquid care. Its moisturizing formula forms a protective barrier for the skin and prevents the appearance of wrinkles. It should be applied before a day cream and is also an excellent make-up base. Formulated without paraben, Baume Automobile suits any skin types, even the most sensitive.

  • Eau de Toilette Dolcia
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    Eau de Toilette Dolcia


    Dolcia, a delicious and insolent tenderness. A pure expression of feminity: lively and fresh, vibrant and spicy, sensual and captivating. A signature scent as irresistible as women are.

    A vibrant and surprising opening where sparkling notes of green apple and quince meet the spicy touch of Egyptian carnation absolute.

    With spicy hints as a guideline, the fragrance reveals Ceylon cinnamon notes to warm up a delicate floral heart where lemon blends with peach blossoms.

    Warm and enveloping, an harmony of precious notes featuring amber, white cedar and osmanthus reveal a trail as sensual as it is irresistible.

    Dolcia, all the facets of femininity.

  • Eau de Toilette Miles
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    Eau de Toilette Miles


    Miles, the woody-fruity taste of adventure. 

    An original start, with sweet addictive notes, where subtle spicy accents of juniper berries sublimate the aromatic richness of dried fruits.

    The heart unveils a floral accord dominated by immortal leaves that bring depth, nuances and complexity to the signature scent. Combined with the green and herbaceous freshness of geranium and linden, immortal leaves notes reassert their solar, almost woody accents. The sweet and enveloping notes of vanilla and white honey meet the mystery and sensuality of gaiac wood for a captivating trail. For fascinating gentlemen.

  • Eau de Cologne Chérubin
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    Eau de Cologne Chérubin


    Chérubin, the delicious sensations of childhood. A delicate and fusing Cologne, enhanced with musky notes to celebrate innocence and purity. A fragrance as fresh as the first morning of the world.

    From the very first moments, Moroccan orange blossom and Sicilian lemon blend together in a refreshing citrusy bouquet.

    Then the pure and splendid Bulgarian rose combined with the delicious California orange offer a floral and juicy heart.

    A delicate and sensual trail with a cloud of white musk and heliotrope: the olfactory signature of this caressing fragrance.

    Chérubin, the fragrance of sweet temptations.

  • Eau de Toilette Yachting
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    Eau de Toilette Yachting


    Yachting, the scent of freedom and high seas.

    Opening at full sail with the spicy and sparkling notes of ginger and cardamom, the fragrance then reveals a vibrant heart where an opulent bouquet of jasmine meets the green energy of geranium.

    The majesty of a trail combining the most elegant woody notes of the Haute Parfumerie Française : vetiver, cedar and gaiac wood.

  • Eau de Toilette Sofia
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    Eau de Toilette Sofia


    Sofia, a floral harmony for a powerful and mysterious scent. A surprising fragrance, playing on contrasts, to reveal a singular personality. A true addictive floral oriental eau de toilette. 

    A sparkling and fusing opening that features herbaceous green accents of blackcurrant buds, tamarind and ivy leaves.

    The heart embraces the opposite like an olfactory shock: an opulent bouquet of carnation, heliotrope and jasmine softly unveil warm and spicy accents.

    Sweet vanilla combines with the velvety softness of tonka bean and the mysterious charm of patchouli : a trail of timeless sensuality.

    Sofia, a fascinating floral oriental signature scent.

  • Eau de Toilette Escrimeur
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    Eau de Toilette Escrimeur


    Escrimeur, the timeless elegance of a woody citrus.

    Starting the game on a citrusy burst with the trio lemon - bergamot - orange, Escrimeur is going further with subtle and refreshing woody notes of lavender and rosemary.

    The heart reveals all the power of vetiver paired with the mysterious charm of sandalwood and cedarwood, subtly spiced up with cardamom and nutmeg accents.

    A sensual trail softened with the caressing notes of white musk that balance the true masculine depth of oak moss: the chic of sobriety.